Michelle Flintoff elected to Life Membership

March 26, 2023

Rather than rewrite history, I have posted Adrian Dunn’s heartfelt speech to those present at our 2023 Presentation Night when  he announced that Michelle had been elected as a Life Member of the club.  Adrian writes:

Hi everyone, for those who may not know me, my name is Adrian Dunn & I’ve been fortunate to be Secretary of our great baseball Club for the past 6 seasons.

I’m honoured to talk to the Life membership of the first of the three people who have that honour bestowed upon them tonight.

As an all in chips guys the person I refer to has been fully invested in this great Club for more than a quarter of a century.

It’s not confined to them solely having skin in the game, which they still do but a consistent and persistent philosophy of what can I do to help this Club.

Such a selfless approach has seen them be at various times a team manager, a scorer, a chauffeur ferrying a bunch of kids from Junior to Senior games, an unswerving supporter of the Club @ any level. A rock of strength that provides strength to others.

There’s been many a time along this journey when they’ve been responsible for organising an event such as we are enjoying tonight; its meant literally rolling up their sleeves and toiling so the Club can celebrate a win with a hot meal or cleaning the Club rooms to within an inch of its life so it presents well not only to those within but outside the Club.

Nothing is beyond such a preparedness to help out.

If that means jumping out of bed on a Sunday morning to provide an on the spot scoring clinic for a bunch of new parents, so be it.

If it means sacrificing a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to score for teams throughout a season or just filling in for someone, so be it.

If it means taking home all the players tops and washing them, so be it.

If it means detouring past the shops to buy a delicatessen full of goodies to assemble salad rolls, so be it.

If it means opening up the canteen because no one else would, so be it.

If it means answering the bell whenever it rings to help out the Club then you can take that person to the bank. Every time. And, it’s done in such good grace, not a hint of frustration or exasperation.

People flow in and out of sporting clubs, it’s just the way it is, but few people have been as all chips in, fully invested in the Waverley Baseball Club for such a prolonged period than our first recipient of Waverley Life Membership.

I’d like everyone to welcome and congratulate a very dear friend of mine – MICHELLE FLINTOFF as a Life Member of the Waverley Baseball Club.


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