Child Safe Policies and Codes of Conduct

Waverley Baseball Club is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all our players

Child Safe Policy and Codes of Conduct

A Child Safe Waverley Baseball Club

Every child and young person has the right to be safe and feel safe at all times.

At Waverley, your safety is our priority.

We want all children and young people in our club to be safe, happy and thrive.

No adult should behave in a way that makes you feel unsafe or afraid, including anyone in your family, at school, while playing sport or participating in other activities, or anywhere else in the community.

If you believe there is an immediate threat to yourself or to others then you should call ))) as soon as possible.

If you are feeling unsafe or beleive there is a “reasonable belief” or suspicion of actual or likely abuse of a child under 18 years then you should tell an adult you trust, or speak to one of our committee members.  This can be someone you already know, or anyone else who works or volunteers at Waverley.

If you are at all unsure who to speak to please contact our Child Safeguarding Officer (Cat Burton) by email:

We are here to help and will take your concerns seriously and confidentially

Baseball Victoria and Baseball Australia POLICIES

Baseball Australia and Baseball Victoria are committed to child safety and follow all child protection legislation. Waverley Baseball Club recognises the Child Safe policies set by Baseball Australia and Baseball Victoria.

*  These policies should be read in conjunction with our published policies above.  In the case of any conflict, the WBC policies override the BV policies which in turn override the BA policies.

Baseball Australia Policies


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