Senior Club Champions

We are proud to recognise our Senior Club Champions from when Waverley was first formed.


YearClub Champion
2023L. Evans
2022M. Homfray
2021J. Sheldon-Collins
2020A. Russell
2019A. Russell
2018C. Burke
2017J. Young
2016T. Dale / M. Hayes
2015J. Kennedy
2014A. Hayes
2013J. Kennedy / W. McConnon
2012A. Bonaddio
2011A. Russell
2010A. Russell
2009S. Wearne
2008B. Flemming
2007A. Russell
2006J. Hodges
2005A. Bonaddio
2004H. Dingle
2003J. Hodges
2002D. McWatters
2001A. Fennell
2000D. Reeman
1999A. Spencer / D. Clarkson
1998M. Sheldon-Collins
1997A. Spencer
1996G. Otter
1995G. Otter
1994M. Sheldon-Collins
1993W. Sharp
1992D. Clarkson
1991R. Sisson
1990M. Sheldon-Collins
1989D. Clarkson / A. Ferguson
1988D. Clarkson
1987M. Sheldon-Collins
1986D. Clarkson / R. Sisson
1985M. Sheldon-Collins
1984D. Buckthorpe
1983D. Buckthorpe
1982M. Klinger
1981D. Clarkson
1980D. Clarkson
1979M. Klinger
1978J. Wadsworth
1977J. Wadsworth
1976S. Hanlon
1975S. Hanlon
1974T. Seal
1973S. Hanlon
1971G. Robinson
1970R. Neilson
1968R. Edebone
1967I. Suttleworth
1966G. Hatwell
1965G. Hatwell
1964P. Seth


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